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Fortune House Condominiums

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Being in the business for many years, we have the experience and expertise to know what the buying process is. Historically Brickell was considered a suburb of Miami, but as the downtown area expanded, Brickell’s NorthEast adopted high density zoning which allowed the building of high rise apartment and office structures and turned into what you see today as one of the best looking neighborhoods, not just in all of Miami, but the entire United States.

Fortune House offers apartments for sale or rent currently. Penthouse residents have access to the club and their own exclusive lounging deck with a spa, tables to entertain, private bar and an infinity pool. Brickell is a beautiful place filled with life and enjoyment, offering amazing dining and great nightlife. Fortune House is now a place filled with beautiful new Miami condos along with amazing office towers. The secure garage make owning a vehicle in the city hassle-free. Fortune House offers many different Sky-Loft options, and penthouse availabilities. Fortune House is also proud to say that we adopted the latest concept of Sky-Lofts, offered in both one and two story apartments that give an open living feel to your luxurious Brickell Miami home.